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Topic Summary
Posted by: Jerald_Mniller Posted on: Mar 8th, 2017, 1:50pm
I'm brand new to all things Super Chief. Does anyone know whether the 16 ALBC  ABBA engine setup  (consists) were part of any 1951-1956 Super Chief trains?
~Jerald Miller
Posted by: Norm_Anderson Posted on: Mar 8th, 2017, 2:25pm
Hi, Jerald, and Welcome!
By 1951, the 16 LABC lashup of F3s probably had been reassigned to trains like the Chief, the El Capitan, and the Texas Chief, and perhaps the sets themselves had been broken up and distributed.  These twenty-one F3 sets (numbered between 16 and 36) had been delivered in 1946.
The Super Chief, as the flagship, would have been assigned the newest power, and in 1951 the newest F-units on the property would have been F7s numbered between 37LABC and 41LABC, which were delivered in 1949.  Since only five sets were in this batch, it is reasonable to conjecture that they may have been assigned exclusively to the Super Chief, which required five consists to protect daily service between Chicago and Los Angeles.
Beginning in 1952, additional F7s were delivered, numbered between 42LABC and 47LABC.  Then, in 1953 (I believe) the massive order of F7s numbered in the 300s began to arrive.
I think, however, that the reality was perhaps not quite as neat and tidy as we always assume.  Even the newest F7s would have been rotated out for repairs now and then, and F3 No. 16 or 16C could very well have been assigned to "pinch hit."  However, as stated above, it is unlikely that five years or more after delivery the LABC would have been maintained as a single set.  In fact, I think it's likely that if one unit of a four-unit set needed repair they would not have sidelined the other three units, but would have "spliced in" a replacement.  Thus, eventually, you might find lashups like 47C - 47B - 19B - 42C.  A locomotive is a locomotive, after all.
Elsewhere here on the Santa Fe board, there are a couple of threads titled Super Chief Consists and Santa Fe Passenger Diesels that may provide a bit more information.
I wish you well,
Posted by: Jerald_Mniller Posted on: Mar 8th, 2017, 3:33pm
Thank you very much! Just the information I was looking for!