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The Santa Fe Photos

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Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Lost Angeles Fryer Limited on 07/25/16 at 11:28:29 - 'ATSF-3.jpg' 127 KB
That's right *itches, I'm back with a new GTL!
Now, "derail" is an understatement in this here photo, no?
The name of this location has nothing to do with the meeting point of two railroads, but rather the meeting point of two pioneer trails, one of which shared a name with the railroad. It is also located on a river that is named after a state, and also was once home to a SAC training base. You can make tracks here via Amtrak to see tracks of a prehistoric type, located just south of town.
I don't blame you if you chose to "pass" on guessing where this locations raison d'etre was for.......


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Thinkin Lincoln on 05/10/16 at 14:10:28 - 'ATSF_Wichita_KS_1965_Steve_Patterson_railpictures.net.jpg' 249 KB
Hi Vern, Norm, Clyde...
Sorry for the delay....Yes, this IS Wichita, KS.....And yes, I apologize for my geography mistake, I'm usually pretty good about that....
As for the clues that led us here.....
"located on a famous Southwest cattle trail" - That would be the Chisholm trail (LINK URL )
"It sure knows how to cook up some good fast food grub for chow, as two very popular chains had their start here" - Wichita is home to the two men who founded White castle, and Pizza Hut had its start here, too
"You can fly high here" - Wichita was once known as the "Air Capital of the World_, being the corporate HQ's and factories of Beechcraft, Cesna, Boeing, and Lear Jet, among others.
"popular fictional TV characters Nash and Rebecca hail from here" - That would be Nash Bridges, aka Don Johnson, and Rebecca Howe, aka Kirstie Alley both grew up here.
The photo itself is circa 1965, and courtesy of Steve Patterson via Railpictures.net
I'll leave the Santa Fe particulars up to the experts (aka you guys)!


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Thinkin Lincoln on 05/06/16 at 13:36:30 - 'ATSF1-2.jpg' 135 KB
Well Vern, since we've been chastised and sent to go play with our Santa Fe F-units on our 4x8 sheet of plywood, as requested, here's a new Santa Fe GTL!
It may not be a Colorado branch line photo, but this city, once located on a famous Southwest cattle trail, it sure knows how to cook up some good fast food grub for chow, as two very popular chains had their start here. (gee, now I want a burger!)
Also, you can fly high here, and I don't mean because of some illicit substance......I bet you also didn't know that popular fictional TV characters Nash and Rebecca hail from here, did ya?


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Thinkin Lincoln on 04/26/16 at 16:23:39 - 'tx11.jpg' 176 KB
Wow, you guys are keeping this thread nice and busy without me, and I'm glad......But how about a new GTL picture?
This town is named for a Confederate general (I didn't know that, thanks Wikipedia!) and a program for chopping things up and putting them back together again.....
Wow, two baseball players, two football players, and the guy who wrote "Mmm-mm-good" for Campbell's Soup! What a n interesting place!


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Norm_Anderson on 04/21/16 at 20:45:32 - 'Gingerbread.jpg' 202 KB
I have to confess that this GTL isn't original with me - - I believe it was TRAINS Magazine that offered this (using a different, but similar, photograph), but it was so long ago that maybe the answer isn't so widely known anymore? (But, we are talking about railfans, aren't we??) Anyhoo, just for fun . . .
This immaculate little piece of gingerbread sits on a former Santa Fe subsidiary in California, and actually does a rather brisk business for a depot its size . . .


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Norm_Anderson on 04/17/16 at 20:28:43 - 'atsf-3.jpg' 162 KB
Okay, this one may be too obvious, even so severely cropped, but here goes . . .


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By L. Winston Ogle on 04/14/16 at 15:30:31 - 'SF_Las_Vegas_1974_John_Carr.jpg' 198 KB
Vern, Norm.......
Ya know, I'm a dummy. Vern, you were right all along with your RATON guess, and I mislead you with my CAJON clue. THIS is what happens when one doesn't look closely at his source material/info and figures, "Oh there can't POSSIBLY be TWO towns on a railroad with the same name!"
I'm beginning to think I should stick to my side of the Mississippi River....
Yes, this IS Las Vegas, but not the "Bight Lights, Big City" Las Vegas....We're in New Mexico, not Nevada.....
I'm sorry about that, guys.
This photo comes from John Carr's website LINK URL , and is circa 1974


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By L. Winston Ogle on 04/13/16 at 14:52:41 - 'ATSF-2.jpg' 115 KB
Crew change point, elevation here is 6,400 feet.
Station built in 1899, and featured in a 2000 film staring Matt Damon.


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By L. Winston Ogle on 04/13/16 at 14:43:45 - '800px-ATSF_64_at_San_Diego_CA_10-26-63.jpg' 105 KB
Well, that certainly didn't take long!  
San Diego it is, circa 1963........
Seems I need to find a harder one for you to guess, Vern........Gimee a sec....


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By L. Winston Ogle on 04/13/16 at 12:01:31 - 'ATSF.jpg' 67 KB
And we're back.......
This city, known for hosting two World's Fairs, and link to Charles Lindbergh's famous flight, is also famous for having a zoo that had it's animals featured (and sometime attacking its host!) on a certain long running late night TV show......


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Raritan Clunker on 03/04/16 at 08:51:08 - 'SF_DENVER_8-15-85.jpg' 187 KB
Indeed Norm, your guess didn't go up in smoke, haha.....
I suspect that if Cheech and Chong were railfans, they'd find this to be their favorite place to be.................


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By CLASSZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on 02/25/16 at 10:47:51 - 'SF.jpg' 116 KB
Not a place I usually associate with the AT&SF.......Ever since the laws changed here, the name of this part of the railroad sure has taken on a whole new meaning, if you catch my drift!


Re: GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Norm_Anderson on 01/26/16 at 20:07:57 - 'Special_Varnish.jpg' 29 KB
At first glance, this may seem like a stock photo of a Santa Fe streamliner-- but look closer at the roadbed, and you may realize that this is not the Super Chief/El Capitan.  It is, in fact, "Extra 31," the last (and undoubtedly the fanciest) varnish run ever to grace this particular stretch of iron.  This Don Erb photo of the VIP Special was snapped on on April 30th, 1962, over a route not especially near the top of AT&SF fans' list of routes.  Can you GTL?


GTL - The AT&SF Edition - By Bridge 1A on 01/11/16 at 16:27:06 - 'ATSF1.jpg' 128 KB
Let's go Sante Fe All The Way with a brand new version of GTL!


Re: Sante Fe Steam photos - By bully4tr on 06/30/07 at 20:22:56 - 'Las_Vegas_107_842x628.jpg' 90 KB
Here is the same in black and white.
on Jun 30th, 2007, 8:18pm, bully4tr wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Here is a photo of #3759 in Kingman, AZ.


Re: AT&SF Caboose Question? - By SSW9389 on 03/06/07 at 15:14:47 - 'ATSF999103CE1.jpg' 46 KB
The bright red paint began appearing in October 1966 as part of a caboose upgrade program. The upgrade program was part of a labor agreement involving caboose pooling. First upgrades were done at the West Wichita Car Shops. Data from Joe McMillan's Santa Fe Motive Power.  
Photo is of CE-1 #999103 at speed in Northern Arizona.


Re: Warbonnets & Bluebonnets - By SSW9389 on 02/24/07 at 09:21:31 - 'SCANNED_PHOTO_80_ATSF332L_TAKedit1.jpg' 78 KB
AT&SF Bluebonnet #332L leads a pair of GP7s in this Terry Kirkland shot from 1973. That's Terry's Orange Monte Carlo on the right.


Re: CF7S - By SSW9389 on 02/15/07 at 08:27:09 - 'ATSF2599DALTT.jpg' 52 KB
Here is another CF7 F unit combination at Dallas in late October 1972. The CF7 was the newly outshopped 2599.


Look who just happened to drop in . . .!! - By coaster on 02/11/07 at 22:04:13 - '100_0602_03.jpg' 122 KB
Well, ok, so former ATSF #3751 didn't "just happen" to drop in.  Rather, she's at Los Angeles Union Station until this Friday (February 16) as part of San Bernardino Rail Historical Society's "Project Outreach" program, designed to turn today's schoolkid into tomorrow's hopeless train addict.    
Pretty big occasion for me, just the same: Although I've written two or three separate videos dealing with her restoration and first steam-ups, this is the first time I actually met the ol' girl in person.  And now I know one thing for certain: Words (even those priceless gems I constructed for those videos years ago) don't do her justice!


Re: The Angelo (ATSF Trains 77 & 78) - By SSW9389 on 02/10/07 at 08:34:11 - 'SCANNED_PHOTO_70_ATSF_401_TAK.jpg' 35 KB
Here is the Terry Kirkland photo of the train. It might be the Dallas section.


Re: CF7S - By SSW9389 on 02/09/07 at 10:40:38 - 'SCANNED_PHOTO_6_ATSF2609_TAKedit1.jpg' 75 KB
Terry Kirkland caught this CF7 #2609 on its first or near first run. The CF7s were often broke in on the run from Cleburne to Dallas. Does this look like any of that trackage?  Note the trailing F unit in Yellowbonnet paint.


CF7S - By tonywu on 01/07/07 at 14:02:37 - 'img108.jpg' 145 KB
Cf7's were f7's that rebulits at cleburne shops.
some were sold to amtrak.


Re: Santa Fe in Oklahoma - By SSW9389 on 01/01/07 at 07:20:12 - 'BELVA3.jpg' 56 KB
Here is the same train going away at Belva. The wife, infant daughter, and I took a weekend to go explore Waynoka. OK, I took a weekend and the wife and child went with me.


Re: Santa Fe in Oklahoma - By SSW9389 on 01/01/07 at 07:15:22 - 'BELVA4.jpg' 59 KB
Tommy, great story. I too spent some time at Fort Sill in the late '70s. I was with the 299th Engineer Battalion, Proven Pioneers. I did have a vehicle so got to see quite a bit of the state. Here is a Santa Fe photo from Belva, OK up on the freight line. Belva is the first siding west of the Cimarron River Bridge up on Curtis Hill. The GP39-2, U30CG consist is one only Santa Fe could have come up with.


Santa Fe´s Challengers - By Transcon on 06/26/06 at 12:15:22 - 'Fogg6001.jpg' 464 KB
When did those engines start service on the Santa Fe and when have they been taken out of service? Have these Challengers been built for the Santa Fe or did the Santa Fe lease them from other roads?


2-8-8-2´s on the Super Chief - By Transcon on 04/03/06 at 19:23:56 - 'Super_Chief_with_2-8-8-2_Mallet_and_A-B_Unit_E-1on_Raton_Pass_in_1945.jpg' 239 KB
Linked Image: http://URL
How long has this helper service been common on the Super?


Re: SF KODACHROME LIVERY - By SSW9389 on 03/28/06 at 10:52:08 - 'GOFFS2.jpg' 55 KB
Three at Goffs, CA 7/88.


Re: SF KODACHROME LIVERY - By SSW9389 on 03/28/06 at 10:44:53 - 'ATSF5803REDWRECK.jpg' 78 KB
Wrecked Chrome from the 3/30/88 East Flagstaff wreck.  


Re: SF KODACHROME LIVERY - By SSW9389 on 03/28/06 at 10:41:14 - 'ATSF8141REDSATEBELLEMONT.jpg' 91 KB
Here is a set of four "Chromes" at East Bellemont back in the day.


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 03/23/06 at 22:58:52 - 'traininfacecreek.jpg' 117 KB
one more


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 03/23/06 at 22:57:14 - 'braingdownonflint.jpg' 124 KB
couple more...


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 03/23/06 at 22:55:39 - 'Picture_038.jpg' 144 KB


Did Rio Grande Want the Santa Fe? - By MisterEspee on 02/24/06 at 10:26:16 - 'atsf_sd50_5501.gif' 363 KB
I read somewhere that SPSF wanted to orginally Sell the Santa Fe and keep the Espee! The Santa Fe Would have gone to the D&RGW most likely and failed, because after the SPSF merger attempts, bolth railroads were in ruin, so when Rob Krebs fixed the Santa Fe, he saved it, and when Anschutz cannabalized the Espee/D&RGW he killed them. If it had been this way: so when Rob Krebs fixed the Espee, he saved it, and when Anschutz cannabalized the Santa Fe/D&RGW he killed them.
That would have been bad, but the SD50's and SD40T-2's would have looked good in the frieght warbonnet! Ex.D&RGW SD50 5501


Re: The San Diegans - By Norm_Anderson on 11/21/05 at 13:52:43 - 'Surf_Line_1966.jpg' 77 KB
George, yet again your explanations are not just interesting, they are educational.  Thanks!
Just for fun, I sat down with an AT&SF Employee Timetable (Los Angeles Division, No. 15, dated April 24, 1966).  The diagram below shows the speed limits in effect for the "Surf Line" at that time.  From Mission Tower to Fullerton, this was part of the Third District (today, this is BNSF's freight main east out of Los Angeles).  Beyond Fullerton, it was called the Fourth District, and is (I believe) owned today by Metrolink as far as Oceanside, and San Diego Coaster south of there.
In 1966, "Track Limit Speed" was:
     65 mph  Mission Tower to La Mirada
     79 mph  La Mirada to Santa Ana
     90 mph  Santa Ana to Sorrento
     79 mph  Sorrento to San Diego
Most speed restrictions appear to be for curvature, except the portions through cities like Santa Ana and Oceanside, where closely-spaced grade crossings "downtown" may have been a factor.
As far as the points raised in your post, perhaps there are some adjustments that could be made.  None of this is to dispute your conclusions, I'm just blue-skyin' with you about low-cost options to bring running-times down.
     1.  Perhaps they could place an F-59 on each end, for double the horsepower.
     2.  Since Metrolink/Coaster own the trackage, perhaps they could serve notice to BNSF that the line is no longer open to double-stack movements, and then restore the superelevations that were there before.
But it still remains that Los Angeles-to-San Diego in less than two hours would have to make sense, not just "be nifty" in order to justify any expenditures to make it happen.


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 11/19/05 at 23:23:20 - 'flintksmnew.jpg' 78 KB
New Layout pix


Re: Santa Fe Trivia - By Norm_Anderson on 11/17/05 at 00:18:22 - 'Pendulum_1100a.jpg' 30 KB
In November 1941, Santa Fe took delivery of a unique, prototype "Pendulum" Chair Car from the Pacific Railway Manufacturing Company.  This car, numbered 1100, had a very slightly lower profile than other lightweight cars owned by Santa Fe, and slightly "tubular" sides with distinctive, football-shaped windows.  The most revolutionary aspect of this car, however, was its suspension system, designed to "float" the carbody above the trucks, and to dampen lateral forces around curves, thus (in theory) allowing higher speeds on conventional track without sacrificing passenger comfort or safety.  This one-of-a-kind car was briefly tested on the Chicago-Los Angeles El Capitan, but quickly found a home on the Southern California "Surf Line" as part of the San Diegan streamliner.  There were no further orders for this type of car, probably owing to less-than-hoped-for performance, together with unfortunate timing (the car was delivered only a few weeks before Pearl Harbor, and Wartime restrictions likely took effect before thorough tests and evaluations could be completed.
Notes:  This sketch is based on a black-and-white photograph, which appears in Robert C. Reed's The Streamline Era, and also as the front-cover illustration for Robert Wayner's Car Names, Numbers, and Consists.  Mr. Reed informs us that the car was painted two-tone grey.  In the photograph, the letterboard appears true white with black lettering, and the roof, car ends, and trucks appear to be painted aluminum silver.  The trucks are of an unusual design (the sketch does not do them justice); the most prominent difference is the absence of the large flat piece suspended between the journals-- the car seems to rest instead on truly massive coiled springs inboard of the wheels.
Length of service and disposition of this car are unknown to me.  Updated information is most welcome !
*  And, here's an update:  I have just learned that when this car was first delivered. it wore a two-tone blue paint scheme to match the Blue Goose steam locomotive.  It was repainted a few years later.  And, it also had a companion observation car.  Much more information can be seen here:



Re: Waycars - By SSW9389 on 10/24/05 at 17:11:43 - 'ATSF999589CE10-1.jpg' 48 KB
Here's a CE10 at speed.


Re: The Texas Chief - By SSW9389 on 10/24/05 at 17:02:33 - 'AMT15FTW.jpg' 49 KB
'Nother view of same train at Fort Worth.


Re: The Texas Chief - By SSW9389 on 10/24/05 at 16:58:32 - 'ATSF315L.jpg' 50 KB
Fort Worth, TEXAS September 1972 and the Southbound TEXAS Chief.


What If - By Chaser One on 10/09/05 at 22:41:04 - 'ATSF1995.jpg' 223 KB
I read somewhere That Santa Fe Southern Pacific(SPSF) Corp. was going to sell the Santa Fe To Rio Grande Industries, but Anchustz went with SP because it was larger, but then again, when theres a railfan, theres a way:
January 1, 1983:
Santa Fe Industries, through its Santa Fe Transportation Subsidiary, takes control of the Western Pacific Railroad. SFT had received federal ICC approval for its control of WP on December 22,1982.
December 23, 1983:
Santa Fe Industries (parent company of AT&SF Railway) and Southern Pacific Company (parent company of Southern Pacific Transportation Co.) merged to form the Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation, with an effective dat0e of December 31, 1983.
March 23, 1984:
Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp. (the AT&SF parent company) applied to the ICC for approval to merge with and control of the Southern Pacific Transportation Co. The new railroad subsidiary would be called the Southern Pacific & Santa Fe Railway.
July 24, 1986:
The proposed SPSF merger was denied by the ICC. The SFSP Corp. parent company appealed the ICC decision on August 4, 1986. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 275, October 1986, page 8 )
June 30, 1987:
The SPSF merger appeal was denied by the ICC. The ICC gave the parent corporation 90 days to divest itself of one or both railroads. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 288, November 1987, page 8 )
December 28, 1987:
Sale of Santa Fe Transportation Co. to Rio Grande Industries was made final by a written agreement between Rio Grande Industries and Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 291, February 1988, page 12)
September 25, 1987:
Rio Grande Industries (parent company of D&RGW RR) announced its intention to purchase the Santa Fe Transportation Co. (from Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation, the merged former parent companies of Santa Fe and SP.) (Pacific Rail News, Issue 290, January 1988, page 36)
August 9, 1988:
Rio Grande Industries received ICC approval for its purchase and control of Santa Fe Transportation Company. (August 9, 1988 Rio Grande Industries news release; Deseret News, August 9, 1988, page A-1; Pacific Rail News, Issue 300, November 1988, page 4; Trains, Volume 48, Number 12, October 1988, page 8; CTC Board, Issue 154, July 1988, page 3, full page of coverage)
Coverage of the sale by Trains magazine (Volume 49, Number 1, November 1988, page 3) included three pages of commentary, history, and a map.
The sale of ATSF to RGI was objected to by Kansas City Southern Industries, who had itself made a bid for ATSF, in the form of $1.25 billion in cash and securities. The KCSI bid was questioned by the ICC due to its court judgment of $600 million in antitrust and contract violations in a South Dakota coal slurry pipeline case. ATSF’s parent company, Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp. , had agreed to the sale of ATSF to RGI in December 1987, pending ICC approval. (Wall Street Journal, August 9, 1988 )
The ICC approved the sale of Santa Fe Transportation Co. to Rio Grande Industries, for the amount of $1.02 billion. The new combined D&RGW and ATSF system will be 15,000 miles in 15 states, and will be the fifth largest railroad in the U.S. (Wall Street Journal, August 10, 1988; Pacific Rail News, Issue 299, October 1988, page 7)
August 25, 1988:
The Interstate Commerce Commission approved the acquisition of control of the Santa Fe Transportation Company by Rio Grande Industries, Inc., SFTC Holding, Inc., and the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company. (Rio Grande Industries, et al.— Control—SPTC et al., 4 I.C.C. 2d 834)
October 13, 1988:
Rio Grande Industries took control of Santa Fe Transportation Co. (CTC Board, Issue 159, May 1989, page 18 )
D&RGW was a Delaware Corporation, as was Rio Grande Industries.
Originally, Santa Fe Rail Corporation was a privately held corporation; owned by Anschutz Corporation. In 1994, ATSF was offered to the public, with approximately 25 percent being retained by Anschutz and another approximate 25 percent being held by Morgan Stanley. The rest was sold on the open market, mostly to institutional buyers.
December 31, 1988:
All ATSF mechanical department buildings in San Bernadino, Barstow, and Argentine were retired. An employee jokingly referred to this on the facilities record page as the "Big Bang," because many other facilities in many locations across the ATSF system were also retired on the same day. (ATSF Facilities Record book, examined at ATSF Chicago headquarters, July 26, 1995)
January 16, 1989:
Santa Fe began the operation of 13 new trains to take advantage of the combined Santa Fe and D&RGW railroads. Included was the reopening of the Modoc line in northwestern Nevada, and the startup of run-through operations with Norfolk Southern and Soo Line east of Kansas City. (CTC Board, Issue 159, May 1989, page 18 )
May 1, 1989:
Santa Fe Transportation Co. and Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad combined their two operating departments under a single operation, known as Santa Fe Railway Co. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 311, October 1989, page 10)
May 16, 1989:
Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp. (parent company of Southern Pacific Transportation Co., and former owner of AT&SF Ry.) changed its name to Southern Pacific Corp. because the exclusive rights to use the Santa Fe name were sold to Rio Grande at the same time as the railroad. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 296, July 1988, page 8; SEC Form 8-K, dated January 19, 1994)
October 1, 1989:
Santa Fe's new North Region(Ex.WP Lines) and Salt Lake Division created to included the operations of D&RGW. With offices in Ogden, the new division included the ATSF route between Ogden and Carlin, Nevada, and the D&RGW route between Ogden and Helper. (CTC Board, February 1990, p.6)
August 3, 1989:
Santa Fe (Rio Grande Industries) announced that they would purchase the St. Louis to Chicago portion of bankrupt Chicago, Missouri & Western. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 310, September 1989, page 4) SP’s Cotton Belt (St. Louis Southwestern, SSW) subsidiary already had direct access to St. Louis.
The line was the former Illinois Central Gulf Chicago to St. Louis line which had been sold to Chicago, Missouri & Western.(Trains, Volume 52, Number 10, October 1992, pages 36-43)
November 8, 1989:
Sale of St. Louis to Chicago line to Rio Grande Industries took effect. Operations began on November 9, 1989. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 314, January 1990, pages 4, 31) ATSF organized a separate corporation to operate the line, called SFCSL Corporation, for Santa Fe Chicago St. Louis.
September 29, 1989:
Sale of St. Louis to Chicago line to ATSF approved by ICC. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 313, December 1989, page 4)
November 14, 1990:
Operation of ATSF/D&RGW trains between Kansas City and Chicago began over BN trackage. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 326, January 1991, page 5)
Purchase of Sacremento to Seattle Line From SP:
June 28, 1989:
Rio Grande Industries announced that they would purchase Southern Pacific’s Marginally Profitable Pacific Northwest Lines. The line would be operated by RGI’s subsidiary Western Pacific (WP). (Pacific Rail News, Issue 309, August 1989, pages 4, 5)
The purchase was intended to make better use of ATSF/D&RGW's presence in on the Pacific Coast by giving it direct access to Seattle. Santa Fe had been operating direct into Seattle and Portland from Sacremento on the ex.WP, since January 1983 through trackage rights from the proposed SPSF merger.
June 28, 1990:
Sale was approved by ICC. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 322, September 1990, page 1
Sale called off within 30 days of ICC approval due to historic trackage rights concerns raised by UP. ATSF/D&RGW make an agreement to give UP unlimited trackage rights. UP agrees and BN also gets similar trackage rights. (Pacific Rail News, Issue 323, October 1990, page 4)
May 4, 1993:
Rio Grande Industries changed its name to Santa Fe Rail Corporation (SFRC). (Railroad Retirement Board Employer Status Determination)
Rio Grande Industries had two subsidiaries that engaged in railroad transportation: Rio Grande Holdings, Inc. (which controlled the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad), and SFTC Holding, Inc., which controlled the following:
* Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
*      SFCSL (Santa Fe Chicago St. Louis) Corporation
*      Western Pacific Railway (WP)
*      Santa Fe Trucking  
Santa Fe Rail Corporation (SFRC) is the parent company of Santa Fe Transportation Company (SFT), which includes Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Corp.(ATSF), Western Pacific Railway Company (WP), SFCSL Corp. (SFCSL) and The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (D&RGW).  In various Security and Exchange Commission filings, SFRC together with its subsidiaries is referred to as the Company. (SEC Form 10-Q, dated May 15, 1996)
September 11, 1996:
Control of the combined D&RGW and ATSF(Plus WP) system was turned over to Union Pacific.
The $5.4 billion UP/ATSF merger would form North Americas's largest railroad, a 43,422-mile network operating in 25 states serving both Mexico and Canada. Union Pacific and Santa Fe have 27,682 and 15,740 route miles respectively, with combined 1995 operating revenues of $10.6 billion. (UP press release dated July 9, 1996)
Santa Fe :15,740 Miles(ATSF 12,056 mi, D&RGW 2,248 mi, WP 1,436 mi.)
Union Pacific:27,682 Miles
Heres the final system map
Black Represents D&RGW, Purple Represents Santa Fe Chicago St.Louis(SFCSL),Red represents WP,Green Represents Ex.SP Pacific Lines sold by Southern Pacific Corp to RGI in the 1990's, and blue represents plain ATSF system. Note the WP line to Bieber/Inside Gateway was abandoned.


Re: The Texas Chief - By SSW9389 on 10/08/05 at 09:59:04 - 'ATSF314C1.jpg' 55 KB
This was Amtrak's motive power for the TEXAS Chief back in March 1973 at Cleburne. This power would replace the inbound power.


Re: The Texas Chief - By Norm_Anderson on 10/07/05 at 08:56:05 - 'Texas_Chief.jpg' 65 KB
Hope this is readable...


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 10/06/05 at 13:42:04 - 'DSC01279.jpg' 81 KB
Across New Mexico


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 10/06/05 at 13:39:57 - 'DSC01301.jpg' 43 KB
Great story Hutch -thanks - Enjoy a Eastbound outside of Flagstaff (from our car) in August.


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 10/01/05 at 13:20:24 - 'santafealltheway.jpg' 66 KB


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 09/25/05 at 12:47:08 - 'DSC01400.jpg' 94 KB
Sitting and and waiting Eastbound in Derby, KS


Re: FACE CREEK AND WESTERN - By chuckgeiger on 09/25/05 at 12:44:19 - 'DSC01407.jpg' 80 KB
Thanks Norm - Enjoy some Trancon shots....


Re: "Super Chief" Consists - By Hutch on 09/18/05 at 21:33:42 - 'sc1702.jpg' 192 KB
Photo 2


Re: "Super Chief" Consists - By Hutch on 09/18/05 at 21:32:55 - 'sc1701.jpg' 200 KB
Photo 1


Re: Picture of a Santa Fe engine that still wears - By BNSF_1088 on 08/12/05 at 23:12:08 - 'Santa_Fe_engine_picture_8-12-2005.jpg' 153 KB
Here is the front shot


Re: Picture of a Santa Fe engine that still wears - By BNSF_1088 on 08/12/05 at 19:40:00 - 'Img00285.jpg' 336 KB


Picture of a Santa Fe engine that still wears her - By BNSF_1088 on 08/12/05 at 19:38:37 - 'Img00284.jpg' 350 KB
Here are some pics i took of the engine i had on a round trip.


Re: The Chief - By Hutch on 08/03/05 at 00:23:56 - '19Needles.jpg' 171 KB
Here is the full-dome and diner of the westbound Chief as it sat in Needles, California, on a hot August day in 1966.  The eastbound Chief was also in the station, to my back, as I took this photo.  I'll never forget the day of this photo.  I opened the vestibule window just east of the Colorado River to get a shot of the train as it approached the bridge.  It felt like I had been hit with a blast from a furnace.  When the train was stopped in Needles I checked out the station.  In front was a sign with a thermometer.   The sign said, "Needles, a nice place to visit - but I'd sure love to live here."  The thermometer read 118 degrees!
In spite of everything I had read about steam generated air conditioning, after that day I could never believe that steam was ever used to air condition trains.
Incidentally, the full domes, as well as some of the more modern cars on the Chief, were air conditioned with compressors powered by diesel generators, which on the dome were located behind the grill visible in the front part of the photo.


Re: The Chief - By Hutch on 08/03/05 at 00:13:24 - 'AUG6620.jpg' 83 KB
Here is the eastbound Chief stopped at Hutchinson, Kansas in August 1966, with an RPO, baggage mail, dormitory, lunch counter diner, and six coaches, followed by the full length dome, presumably trailed by the diner and three sleepers.


Re: The Chief - By Hutch on 08/03/05 at 00:06:30 - '20Sullivan.jpg' 234 KB
By the way, you can tell the previous photo was a publicity shot.  If you look closely at the vestibule area of the first coach (third car) you will see the conductor standing on the road bed.
The next photo is of the eastbound Chief in March of 1968 at Sullivan's Curve, just east of Cajon on the First District of the Los Angeles Division.


Re: The Chief - By Hutch on 08/03/05 at 00:03:27 - 'Chief.jpg' 69 KB
I don't know your definition of good, but here are some you might be interested in.  The first is a scan of the photo which appears in the Santa Fe brochure, "Santa Fe - the Chief Way."  The photo appears to be taken between 1955 (no observation) and 1959 (it was taken on the single trach westward main between Ash Fork and Seligman, a line which was replaced in 1960.
The consist in this photo is as it remained pretty much throughout the remainder of the Chief's operating years, at least west of Kansas City.  Eastbound, the Chief normally had an RPO.  Westbound it usually did not.


kodachromes - By highhood on 07/30/05 at 08:35:04 - 'r_side.jpg' 83 KB
i am doing a large fleet of atsf kodachromes and need either a web site or a book that will give me great side shots of these units. can any one help on this?


Re: Waycars - By Hutch on 07/28/05 at 01:54:23 - 'P7260001.jpg' 200 KB
Here is a freight train that would might have looked better without the waycar.  Taken in Arcadia, CA on July 26, 2005, while the crew ate In-N-Out, this "crummy" crummy looked like something a ten year old might hand paint on his own layout.  I don't know what it is used for, but is usually parked at the Miller brewery in Irwindale.  The windows have all been closed with sheet metal, some riveted, some welded.  My guess it is used as a spacer between hazardous cargos and locomotives for those local moves which would consist of only one car.  The tank car in this photo had corn syrup, but there is an occasional chemical shipment on this line, the former 2nd District of the ATSF L.A. Division (now owned by the LACTA, and soon to house the extension of the Gold Line from its current terminus in East Pasadena (Chapman) to Claremont).


Re: Santa Fe Drawings - By sergio_vadora on 07/27/05 at 05:00:11 - 'DASH_SF_FANTASY.jpg' 154 KB
This is fantasy......


Re: Santa Fe RR Stations - By Hutch on 07/26/05 at 17:17:19 - 'P7260003.jpg' 195 KB
Long time, no post on this thread, but I thought you'd like to see (what is left of) Arcadia, California's station on the Santa Fe's old Second District of the Los Angeles Division of the Coast Lines.  This photo was taken today, as the crew dined on - you guessed it - In-N-Out!
This photo is looking east from Santa Anita Avenue (Double Drive to you old timers).  The Arcadia station, which is now on display at the L.A. County Fairgrounds in Pomona used to be on the north (left) side of the tracks just behind the locomotive.  Note that about a one yard section of rail has been removed just this side of the bumper.


Santa Fe Drawings - By SD90MAC on 07/25/05 at 22:19:28 - 'atsf_emd_sd40m-2_5493.gif' 348 KB
Show off your ATSF drawings here! Real or freelanced.


Re: Death Valley Scotty and the Coyote Special - By SSW9389 on 07/25/05 at 17:54:18 - 'ATSF10102.jpg' 72 KB
The #1010 paused in Flagstaff to check the wheel bearings. Of course the local railfan community was out in force to check her out.  


Re: Death Valley Scotty and the Coyote Special - By SSW9389 on 07/25/05 at 17:51:40 - 'ATSF10101.jpg' 73 KB
Santa Fe #1010 on the way to CSRM. Shown here running west at Milepost 335 between Cosnino and Cosnino Overpass in Arizona.


Re: Has anyone seen any Santa Fe units - By Teen_NS_fan on 07/10/05 at 18:13:52 - '2005-04-30_088.jpg' 158 KB
  Just saw this board now..
     This was on the point of NS 212 at Salisbury, NC on April 30th.


Re: Has anyone seen any Santa Fe units - By SSW9389 on 07/10/05 at 18:06:54 - 'BNSF6900.jpg' 153 KB
Yesterday in Lyndon, KY on a Southbound CSX freight we had this:  


Re: Waycars - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 08:11:27 - 'ATSF999818CE11.jpg' 72 KB
CE-11 #999818 at Flagstaff.


Re: Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 08:07:46 - 'AMT4on7-4-753.jpg' 66 KB
Amtrak #4 going away.  


Re: Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 08:05:07 - 'AMT4on7-4-752.jpg' 50 KB
Amtrak #4 at Chillicothe.


Re: Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 08:03:50 - 'ATSF8517EAST.jpg' 60 KB
The 8517 East at Chillicothe.


Re: Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 08:02:38 - 'SUPERC.jpg' 61 KB
The Super C at speed west of Edelstein. I had to chase this one down.


Re: Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 08:01:12 - 'ATSF8512WEST4.jpg' 67 KB
The 8512 West going away from the old wooden bridge on Edelstein Hill.


Re: Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 07:59:38 - 'ATSF8512WEST1.jpg' 51 KB
The 8512 West at Chillicothe


Re: Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 07:56:54 - 'ATSF3651WEST2.jpg' 85 KB
3651 West with PC pool power


Thirty years ago - By SSW9389 on 07/04/05 at 07:55:33 - 'ATSF3651WEST1B.jpg' 88 KB
July 4, 1975 from Chillicothe to Edelstein Hill.  
The 3651 West


Re: Santa Fe fallen? - By Passenger_Extra on 07/02/05 at 11:11:42 - 'deshler13.jpg' 183 KB
Fallen yes, but there are bits and peices left, of at least the major fallen flags.
In San Diego, Amtrak, the Coaster and San Diego Trolley all stop at SANTA FE DEPOT, and the big blue and white Santa Fe sign is still on the roof and the Santa Fe logo is still seen throught the building and platform areas.
Some of the CSX business cars have much of the appearence of the either the C&O or B&O's royal blue and gray liveries, and still carry a late run version of B&O's blue centenary china in their pantries.
Norfolk Southerns business train carries the N&W and Pennsy's old color scheme.


Re: The Grand Canyon Limited - By Hutch on 06/03/05 at 00:21:46 - 'Last23_2.jpg' 83 KB
And, finally, a shot of the last #23 crossing Del Mar Boulevard in Pasadena, on its final leg into Los Angeles (and history).  A sad morning that was.


Re: The Grand Canyon Limited - By Hutch on 06/03/05 at 00:20:18 - 'Last23-2.jpg' 75 KB
Here is the last #23, in the dark, stopped in Pasadena, May 2, 1971.


Re: The Grand Canyon Limited - By Hutch on 06/03/05 at 00:13:57 - 'Last24_1-2.jpg' 72 KB
Hi Norman,
Hint taken.  This is last #24 at Pasadena, California, April 30, 1971 (it almost hurts to type that!).  If I recall, it did not have a name in the Employee Timetable, or even the public timetable, at this point, but did carry a through Los Angeles to Chicago sleeper which was switched onto train 2 in Barstow.


Re: The Chief - By Hutch on 05/24/05 at 01:12:36 - 'Chief2.jpg' 385 KB
And another.


Re: The Chief - By Hutch on 05/24/05 at 01:10:40 - 'Chief1.jpg' 490 KB
Well, I spoke too soon.  Not very good quality and not exactly Monrovia, but here are some photos of the eastbound Chief just west of the San Gabriel River near Kincaid, CA, site of the Miller Brewery.  The construction you see is the 210 freeway being built.  It was desert until the freeway was put in.
I believe these photos were taken in 1964 or 1965, as this segment of the freeway opened in about 1967.


Re: The El Capitan - By Hutch on 05/22/05 at 15:04:55 - 'Last17_2.jpg' 132 KB
And a better view of last #17's equipment.


Re: The El Capitan - By Hutch on 05/22/05 at 15:02:27 - 'Last17_1.jpg' 139 KB
Last #17 (May 2, 1971).  Since I wasn't in Chicago when it departed, I thought I'd catch it in Pasadena when it arrived!


Re: The El Capitan - By Hutch on 05/22/05 at 14:58:22 - 'Last18_1.jpg' 149 KB
By the way, here are some photos of passenger operations on the Santa Fe before Amtrak took over.  Day one did not mean any change for 17/18, but of course meant the end of 1/2, 23/24.  I don't have any photos of 1/2, but I do have these.
Last #4 in Pasadena.  At the time, 400 speed was considered very fast film.  With all the people moving about it was difficult to balance between the headlight and moving folks.  For some reason, the engineer on 18 refused to douse his headlight, although it had been done many times before.  Oh well!


Re: Waycars - By SSW9389 on 05/13/05 at 17:53:49 - 'ATSF999054.jpg' 72 KB
Here's another one out at the Railhead at Flagstaff, AZ.


Waycars - By SSW9389 on 05/13/05 at 17:49:28 - 'ATSF999429CE2.jpg' 59 KB
Back in the day there used to be a caboose, er waycar behind every train. Here's a photo of a CE-2 tagging along behind an eastbound through Chillicothe, IL on 11/23/72.


Re: Any Santa Fe 'Peavine Line' (AZ) fans/interest - By SSW9389 on 03/04/05 at 11:07:00 - 'ATSF2876EDRAKE.jpg' 58 KB
Drake, AZ.


Re: Any Santa Fe 'Peavine Line' (AZ) fans/interest - By SSW9389 on 03/04/05 at 11:02:28 - 'GREGASHFORKATSF2876E.jpg' 56 KB
Ash Fork, AZ 10/84.


Re: SF KODACHROME LIVERY - By SSW9389 on 01/11/05 at 22:48:04 - 'SF5970EAST.jpg' 63 KB
Here's one at Cosnino from back in the day.


Re: F 3 passenger pics with chicken wire wanted - By Hutch on 01/09/05 at 12:57:47 - 'ElCap.jpg' 22 KB
I don't know if you folks have seen this, but a fellow named Lee Berglund wrote an AWESOME (to quote the Warbonnet) article about Santa Fe F's, which includes photos of some of the Phase I F-3's as delivered to Santa Fe (three portholes, no chicken wire, no grills).  Here is the link:
I hope this isn't redundant.
By the way, Mr. Anderson, I have attached a photo you might find interesting.  While going through my slides today (it is POURING rain here) I found this photo, taken in late August of 1966.  This is Second #17, the El Capitan, running a few hours late, through Monrovia.  If you look very carefully, you can see my bicycle on the platform.  The camera was a Kodak instamatic (sorry about the quality).
The station was still open as of the day the photo was taken, but closed shortly thereafter.  I miss those days (but not that smog!).
If any of you have suggestions on how to safely clean these slides, I would greatly appreciate hearing them.


Re: Santa Fe Passenger Diesels - By SSW9389 on 11/15/04 at 19:49:27 - 'ATSF5998WESTBELLEMONT.jpg' 60 KB
Here's an FP45 working a westbound freight through West Bellemont, AZ.


Re: Has anyone seen any Santa Fe units - By EMD on 10/17/04 at 01:44:37 - 'atsf-2.jpg' 357 KB
I saw these........................


Re: Has anyone seen any Santa Fe units - By sergio_vadora on 10/07/04 at 06:29:23 - 'RLR_FREIGHT_42.jpg' 228 KB
I live in Italy, so for me is impossible to see Santa Fe units........but one year ago I went to Hudson Valley River Line (CSX) and I was lucky to see one Dash in red warbonnet but with BNSF lettering; I post the picture from my videocamera: it was 15.10.2004, late afternoon, northbound, under Strom King Mountain (NY).


Re: Doc Holliday -- ATSF Employee(!?!) - By tebor009 on 09/26/04 at 19:10:31 - 'Western_Union-copy.jpg' 103 KB
Regarding injuries and fatalities involved in the action at the roundhouse at Pueblo, Bat Masterson commanded a group of about 150 men one of which was Harris (Henry) Jenkins, my GG Grandfather. He was shot in the back and his lower limbs were paralyzed. He eventually died of the wound and is buried in the cemetery in Garfield, KS. He died the day before his 30th birthday.
I have a Western Union telegram from A.A. Robinson, chief engineer for the Santa Fe RR, dated April 12, 1879, stating “Jenkins still living about the same as last night case considered hopeless”.
More about this incident can be found at the following web site.
I am in the process of tracking down the article in the Dodge City Times regarding this event.


Re: Route 66 - By SSW9389 on 09/01/04 at 08:37:11 - 'DARLINGPIGS.jpg' 70 KB
Don't forget Winona!


Re: Santa Fe Passenger Diesels - By SSW9389 on 07/25/04 at 07:33:48 - 'ATSF7907E1A.jpg' 52 KB
U28CGs in freight service 1972.


Re: Santa Fe Passenger Diesels - By SSW9389 on 07/25/04 at 07:30:02 - 'ATSF8002S2.jpg' 58 KB
Three of Santa Fe's U30CG lead a Southbound freight through Fort Worth on May 10, 1973. The U30CGs and U28CGs were withdrawn from passenger service in the Spring of 1969 after a wreck near Chillicothe, Illinois led the Santa Fe to believe the GEs were the cause.


Coyote Special of 1905 - By Bob_BC on 07/07/04 at 08:22:36 - 'RR2.jpg' 81 KB
Looking for photos of the Coyote Special of 1905, especially dining car 1407.
Manufacturer?  Specifications?
please e-mail any info you have to cdbob@earthlink.net


Azusa -- one more time! - By coaster on 04/09/04 at 01:40:46 - 'BNSF_Azusa.jpg' 24 KB
Hi again, Norm and Alan!
One last look at the place, this time from 2002, with a BNSF motif, simply to show there's life in the old girl yet.  
For the record, a somewhat smaller (1/160th, to be exact) version of the depot is just about ready for inclusion at the fictional city of Montevista, a key point on the equally fictional San Gabriel & Southeastern Rwy, circa 1952.  There might be one or two minor variations (porthole windows on the personnel and freight doors, for instance, in keeping with the "moderne" architecture of the period), but nothing really to quibble over.
Best regards,
P.S.  Thanks for that info re the "Chippewa Chief," Norm.  For some reason, I hadn't realized the train followed an essentially "balloon route" between LA - San Bernardino!


And then there's the Azusa station . . . - By coaster on 04/07/04 at 04:34:31 - 'AZUSA1946.jpg' 27 KB
. . . and one with a bit of mystery (or two, perhaps) to it.
This stucco-over-concrete depot was built by Santa Fe in 1946 to replace an earlier wood structure which had stood since 1887.  Supposedly, this structure incorporated parts of the earlier building, although no one seems able to determine which part or how the supposed incorporation was done.  It's still standing, although boarded up with no reported plans for its future.  (BNSF sold the line -- ATSF's old Third Sub -- to Metrolink, but still retains trackage rights to serve nearby industries.)
According to Nu-Line Structures, which recently released an N scale kit based on this depot (and a fairly accurate replica, incidentally), the station was originally painted white with dark green trim.  Which provides the second bit of mystery, as far as I'm concerned.  If I'm not mistaken, Santa Fe practice at that period would have been pale green with a (much) darker green trim.  Anyone able to shed any light?
-- Paul
P.S.  By the time I first encountered the building (in 1984), it had been repainted pink(!?!) with white trim.  Nowadays, from what I hear, it's a sand color.


Re: Remaining ATSF Units - By DannyR on 03/16/04 at 22:22:04 - 'BNSF_SD75M_8218.jpg' 142 KB
Here is a SD75M I caught during twilight on the NS in Landis, NC, this past week. Still in Santa Fe paint but renumbered for BNSF.

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