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Akron, Canton & Youngstown Photos

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Re: Steam Engine Bell - By DRAWHEAD on 07/12/07 at 17:27:53 - 'img023.jpg' 173 KB
Howard, I'm not sure if a parts drawing would identify anything or not? I would also presume they would be very hard to come by.I don't know if anyone else belonging to the AC&YHS would have anything like that pertaining to the AC&Y #400 series loco's or if it was only something the Lima Locomotive works may have had back then.Lunkenheimer Co. who made the grease cups on the bell made all sorts of brass stuff for loco's like whistles ect.Maybe some others belonging to the AC&YHS may have a closer photo of one of the bells on a #400. I have 2 photo's of #400, the builders photo shows the curved cradle boiler front bell like yours and a newer photo i have i think after it was in a wreck shows a different flat bracket bolted to the engine front with a vertical mount bell cradle as a replacement.Maybe the original got busted? I have one photo of #403 and several of #404 none really show a good close up of the bell other than this one shown below of Westbound #404 at the New Washington,Ohio depot sometime in the late 1940's.I dismantled the depot in the fall of 1998 and have restored it somewhat behind where i live.


Re: Steam Engine Bell - By Howard_Schmidt on 07/12/07 at 15:37:16 - 'Steam_Engine_Bell_004.jpg' 315 KB
That is what I thought regarding the mounting location, on the front of the boiler.  I looked very closely for any stamping and didn't see any marks.  I was hoping that perhaps a parts drawing may identify the accessory items to a locomotive.  
I appreciate your reply and will post any new finding.  Another picture is attached.


Re: Steam Engine Bell - By DRAWHEAD on 07/12/07 at 11:03:07 - 'img407_660x462.jpg' 39 KB
Howard,  Here's some builders photo's of AC&Y steam loco's #400 & #404 wich show the bells mounted on the front of the boiler above the smokebox door.


Re: Steam Engine Bell - By Howard_Schmidt on 07/10/07 at 12:55:50 - 'Steam_Engine_Bell_002.jpg' 312 KB
I searched the surfaces of the bell closely and found no foundry marks.  The bell striker had TRANS DEVICES  INDIANAPOLIS cast into the metal and the grease cups were marked LUNKENHEIMER Co. Cin. O.  GEM 00.  Attached are a couple of pictures of the bell.


Re: AC&Y routing - By chessie8212 on 01/23/06 at 00:40:41 - 'acy-map.gif' 135 KB
While I don't have any timetables, I have a map from 1944.  I'll attach it to this post.
Also, according to the ACY's historical society, the initial routing was as follows (from their website):
In 1907 a 7-1/2 mile line from Akron to Mogadore, Ohio was envisioned as an eastern outlet for the Rubber City's products. This shortline became the AC&Y. The first trains rolled over the route in 1912. Though planned, namesake lines to Canton and Youngstown were never built! So prosperous was the AC&Y that in 1920 the lease of the Northern Ohio Railway was assigned. AC&Y then became a 171 mile Class I road running west from Akron to Delphos, Ohio.
The Northern Ohio's route was constructed in 1881 as part of an ill-fated narrow gauge empire, then "standard gauged" in 1890. The struggling line was reorganized in 1895 as the Northern Ohio Railway and leased for 999 years to the Lake Erie & Western. The line was never profitable until the AC&Y assumed control in 1920. Bank closings in 1933 forced operation under trusteeship with final court approved consolidation under the AC&Y herald in 1944

Hope that helps.


Re: Still Rolling On... - By DannyR on 07/28/05 at 20:22:46 - 'ACY_MOW_Boxcar.jpg' 178 KB
This boxcar is being used in MOW service by NS. Kannapolis, NC July 2005


Re: West end of the ACY - By chessie8212 on 06/26/05 at 13:35:08 - 'Delphos_1944.jpg' 82 KB
Here's a map of Delphos from 1944.  It may give you an idea of the layout of the town, as well as the AC&Y's facilities.


Re: 1860's Medina County Map - Clinton Railroad - By edskup on 10/24/04 at 09:25:51 - 'DSC00155-1.jpg' 421 KB
Finally found the entire state map of this thing at the Ohio Historical Society archieves in Columbus (Geological Railroad and Twp Map of the State of Ohio, JH Colton & Co 1856)  I'll provide the image....they wouldn't allow flash photos of the originals, so had to shoot a photo of the copy; if you can zoom in, it's a lot better.
(If it doesnt come out well and anyone is interested in seeing it more clearly, email me and I can send it to you via attachment).
It did make a nice profile across Northern Ohio, as it went straight across from Ft Wayne to Rochester, then slightly ENE thru Hudson into Jamestown PA.
Turns out the ACY did not use it's ROW....a lot of it was indeed used by the NKP out west, and the WLE in an abandon section west of New London....however, as this thing went through Rochester and then ENE to Litchfield, it did not go thru Spencer, etc. (parallel north instead) My apologies for plugging the board up with non-ACY related info; in that case, I'll close out my end of this here.
 If anyone does want some of the additional info I have, instead of my continuing going off-subject on this board further, let me know and I can email to you.


Re: 1860's Medina County Map - Clinton Railroad - By edskup on 10/21/04 at 14:35:42 - 'DSC00127-1.jpg' 491 KB
Following on CSXvet's information about Hudson being the HQ of this company, I visited their historical society at the Hudson Library last night.  They have a similar 1857 map that shows the Summit Co. portion; I'll try to attach the map that I photographed, tho it was a bit difficult to get a real good image as it was glass encased. They have two articles on the subject; the most interesting items being that grading took place through much of the Summit Co line, at least thru Ghent.  Also, a 125' bridge was constructed over the Cuyahoga near Botzum.  However, no track was ever laid down, and as CSXvet mentioned, the undercapitalized line collapsed (along with a lot of Hudson investors' savings) in the fanancial panic in the mid 1850's.
On the map, the line followed Yellow Creek to the Cuyahoga Valley; then crossed the river on an angle, and made a gradual right turn as it climbed out of the valley towards Hudson.  (On the Medina Co. line, it's a bit hard to make out as it got lost in the crease in the map; however, it basically parallels the south side of present day Granger Road at that point)  hopefully, you can zoom in for closer details.


Still Rolling On... - By Coffee on 08/15/04 at 08:38:37 - 'ACY_hopper.jpg' 55 KB
Caught at the Willard yard on 8/12 is this former ACY covered hopper. Photo used with permission by Mr Boylan.


Re: ACY N&W era photos - By CRmac80 on 05/23/04 at 21:00:17 - 'acy429.jpg' 82 KB
Here is covered hopper 429 at Akron( on Conrail ), Feb 1978.


Re: ACY N&W era photos - By CRmac80 on 05/19/04 at 22:34:59 - 'nw2806.jpg' 138 KB
Here a pair of N&W GP-9's switch at Spencer,Ohio on March 14th,1981.Lettering under the white line states "Leased to ACY".


Re: ACY N&W era photos - By CRmac80 on 05/19/04 at 22:33:13 - 'nw2425.jpg' 110 KB
Also on Sept 7th,1980 a few N&W GP-7's were under the sand tower at Akron.2423 and 2425 still were the blue scheme but have lost their upper light cluster.


Re: ACY N&W era photos - By CRmac80 on 05/19/04 at 22:30:39 - 'acyc68.jpg' 114 KB
Here C-68 rests between runs at Akron Sept 7th,1980.


ACY N&W era photos - By CRmac80 on 05/19/04 at 22:29:30 - 'acyc65.jpg' 121 KB
Count me in as an AC&Y fan. I remember the "big yellow engines"(Fairbanks)as a kid, but wasn't able to photograph the ACY until well after the N&W merger. Up until early NS the ACY lines were ran almost as if it was still the ACY with assigned power and cabooses. Many of the GP-7 and GP-9 units from the late 70's and early 80's had "Leased to ACY" stenciled under the numbers, and one caboose- the C68- ran until early 1981.
 Here are a few shots to look at from that time frame. First is caboose C-65 from October,1976 at Akron, Ohio.

Photos 1 through 15 of 15 Total