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 1   Physical Plant - Track, Structures and Signals / Infrastructure / Re: Virginia Avenue Tunnel - Dist of Columbia, CSX, ex Pennsy  Posted Today at 2:12pm 
Response #13 By George_Harris       Thread Started By George_Harris
Vern:  True.   We have definitely veered from the original subject, however, that is the way many conversations do.  One thought leads to another until the original subject is buried in the past.  Now I will continue that  path some.
Norm:  Sorry, but I am going to pick at your point here:
When I grew up and moved to the Upper Midwest (and lived through a couple of Minnesota winters), it finally dawned on me that icicles are a sign of relative warmth!  They only form when the air temperature is above 32*F (0*C), or when the sunlight is intense enough to produce a bit of melting.  On the coldest January days, when the thermometer reads twenty below zero, and the sun is hung in the sky only for ornamentation, the only icicles you will find are old ones, left over from the last "warm spell."

What you need is snow sitting on a surface that is above freezing with air temperature below freezing.  That is why you commonly see icicles off the house roof that are longer than those off an unheated garage or other such roof.  When you see icicles dripping it is either because the water running into them is flowing faster than the air can freeze all of it or the air temperature has gotten above freezing.  The reason you don't see them forming when the temperature gets well below freezing is because the cold has penetrated to the point that the underlying surface that was above freezing with warmer air temperatures can't get to being above freezing any more.  Some of my ancestors may have been from some parts of Europe where it can get that cold, but they got smart a few centuries ago and left, and I have never had any urge to live anywhere that cold, snow, and deeply frozen ground are the winter normal rather than events that occur at times during the winter.
Now getting sort of close to the original:  The First Street East tunnel used by passenger trains is also an extremely close clearance structure.  It is more of a problem in the curve on the south end rather than the straight portion.  When that structure was built, 85 foot long passenger cars were in the future.  I think the car length at that time was in the range of 60 to 75 feet.  Obviously the longer the car, the larger the end car and mid car offsets when going around a curve.  I would that would be intuitive to anyone that has ever driven or watched the passage of any vehicle longer than a short automobile around the corner at an intersection or small radius curve, but I have been surprised by the lack of understanding of that by some people that I thought should have known better.  Back when I was working in the WMATA yard I was told by one of the Terminal Company foremen that there were long streaks and gouges in the walls of those tunnels on the curve.    
I have heard that the Autotrain cars are taken through these tunnels to Ivy City for maintenance, but maybe that is just the engines.  I really don't see how they could make a superliner car fit through these tunnels.
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 2   Fallen Flags / LV / Re: Guess the location 2017  Posted Today at 1:57pm 
Response #8 By darktown2       Thread Started By LVRR2095
Was wondering who that dashing feller was next to the engine.  I know the location as I was there at least one time.   The other keith
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 3   Fallen Flags / LV / Re: Guess the location 2017  Posted Today at 1:52pm 
Response #7 By randy       Thread Started By LVRR2095
Well, in the foreground are two tracks with switches in them plus another in the very corner of the shot making for four tracks so it's not along the mainline so I'm torn between Newark or maybe Jersey City.  
The white building looks familiar so Ill go with Newark.
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 4   Regional Area Operations / Vancouver / Where and when did I take this?    Posted Today at 1:32pm 
NEW Post By Dayliner9103       View Thread with Ladysmith_1014x729.jpg - 108571 Bytes
Stumbled across this old shot probably taken in 1991. Was it the yard area at Ladysmith? If so, what happened to all that equipment?
Attached Image:  Ladysmith_1014x729.jpg - 108571 Bytes

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 5   Regional Area Operations / Vancouver / Re: Commuter Rail Announcment Tomorrow  Posted Today at 1:14pm 
Response #3 By Dayliner9103       Thread Started By Aaron Lypkie
Anything which puts trains back on even part of the E&M in a modern, sustainable way, should be supported. Once there's life on the rails again, extension will be the inevitable consequence. For too much noise has been made on this forum about what type of traffic and what type of passenger is wanted on the E&N. ANY sort will do.
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 6   Regional Area Operations / BC / Re: Photos - BC RR Action & Displays!    Posted Today at 12:44pm 
Response #1195 By emilydm       Thread Started By cn2220       View Thread with IMG_20170322_1452x.jpg - 454841 Bytes
BCOL 4612 parked at the west of of the False Creek yard yesterday afternoon, March 22, 2017. I did a double-take when I saw BC Rail livery, parked and walked back to get a picture. There can't be very many of these left out there.
Attached Image:  IMG_20170322_1452x.jpg - 454841 Bytes

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 7   Physical Plant - Track, Structures and Signals / Infrastructure / Re: Virginia Avenue Tunnel - Dist of Columbia, CSX, ex Pennsy  Posted Today at 10:27am 
Response #12 By HwyHaulier       Thread Started By George_Harris
George - Norm - Lodge Members -
SIGH! At this point, we are hardly getting the new tunnels built. Perhaps all this obscure detail about past PRR and C&O practices  
better in "Fallen Flags" for the two lines?
Your writer, in his Archival Library of venerable TTs has these on point gems: PRR Form 1 dated SEP 9 1956, and C & O Folder  
dated JAN 1 1955. To the point, PRR #112 an unnamed schedule EB from Washington at 0500 HR Daily. Recall, IIRC, it carried  
thru Pullman Cars from South origins.
More. In the PRR folder, the schedules did protect use of (SRS - ESPEE) Crescent name. Else, schedules did not display use of  
names of ACL & SAL Florida trains...
Maybe these obscure items better on "Fallen Flags"?
.....................  Vern  ............................
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 8   Fallen Flags / NYOW / O&W #105 returns  Posted Today at 9:23am 
NEW Post By lt230s
From the pike County Dispatch:
Society Celebrates Demise Of The NYO&W
MIDDLETOWN, NY March 29, 1957 marked a sad day day in railroad history when the last revenue train made its final pass along the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad (NYO&W) route. It was not long after that the imprint that the "Old and Weary" made on the towns it passed through began to fade and gave birth to a group of people looking to keep it's spirit alive.
The Ontario and Western Railroad Historical Society (O&WRHS), founded in 1978, has done an impressive job of both documenting the history of the NYO&W though its many publications and sharing it with others at their monthly meetings. Rolling into the year 2017, sixty years after the demise of the O&W, the society has taken a major step forward by purchasing former the NYO&W locomotive No.105 through the help of member Norman Barrett.
The engine , a GE "44 Tonner" was one of the first diesels delivered to the railroad in 1940's. The 105 was last operated ten years ago as a yard switcher in southern New Jersey, and was close to being lost to history and scrapped before the O&WRHS stepped in at the 11th hour to purchase the engine last year. It has since been moved to the Steamtown National Historic Site grounds in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This 44 Tonner is one of three from the NYO&W left in existence (the other two being in Georgia and California) and despite being left outside for ten years, it remains in remarkably good condition and will be hopefully be up and running at some point in the very near future.
To get there, the society needs volunteers to begin working on cosmetic issues like window repairs and painting, as well as repairing one of the engines. Anyone wishing to join the adventure of volunteering to rebuild this wonderful piece of railroad history must first become a "Volunteer In Parks" (VIP) member. They can request the Volunteer Application from Norman J. Barrett at: NYOWfan@msn.com. Interested in other society events, why not join the O&WRHS! Meetings are held on the first friday of every month (except for July, August, and November) at the Mullberry Senior Center (62-70 W. Main St, Middletown, NY). For any other questions, please contact Ray Pinglora at rpinglora@nyswths.org.
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 9   Fallen Flags / LV / Re: Guess the location 2017  Posted Today at 9:01am 
Response #6 By LVRR2095       Thread Started By LVRR2095
on Mar 22nd, 2017, 9:52pm, gfluck1 wrote:       (Click here for original message)

Close...but no.
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 10   Fallen Flags / LV / Re: Easton & Northern Branch Info    Posted Today at 6:53am 
Response #81 By gfluck1       Thread Started By DElder       View Thread with Sinclair_Refining_Co_Bushkill_William_Walters-3.jpg - 108755 Bytes
Below is yet another undated photo of the Sinclair Refining Company (William Walters photo)
Attached Image:  Sinclair_Refining_Co_Bushkill_William_Walters-3.jpg - 108755 Bytes

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